Tuesday, June 3, 2008

I'm Back!

So, it's only been 7 or so months since I've updated this thing, that's not so bad. I didn't have internet for a lot of that time so that's my excuse. Well, life is changing so fast. Riley is growing and learning every day. Since I last wrote, let's see, she's walking, running, talking, and trying to use the potty. Where did my little baby go?
Well, speaking of little babies we're expecting #2 in the beginning of December. We're very excited but realize what a big addition this really is. I can't wait to see Riley with her new little sibling. She has a new cousin and lots of friends who are babies and she's pretty obsessed so it should be fun. Anyway, here are some more recent pictures.

smiling riley

playing doctor

trying on flower girl dress

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